Wednesday, February 4, 2009


What can i tell about my janu,coz words are few and feelings are endless.if i talk about her beauty than she is as beautiful as any of the beautiful ladies ever known in history,if i talk about her smile than her smile is as good as of monalissa and her eyez are having the debth of the sea where her feelings are kept stored and saved.if i talk about her hands than when i hold her hands in mine so i just think that im the luckiest man coz i got her.She had a very beautiful mind and a very big and soft heart she is very wholehearted and she is very emotional, i love her very much and she also does so.we r made for each other.i got such a nice janu than why do i dont tell this to thw whole world, i'll shout on mount everest,i can climb to china wall i can even made taj mahal but for all these i have to spent time, so wasting time is useless.that time i can spent on thinking of her so simply i come close to her and whisper in her ears that "janu i love u".

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